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Fuel Management System 60lpm & 100lpm – Unit with Software

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DMS – Diesel Management System

60lpm or 100lpm Diesel Pump Box with Filter

Kit includes :-

  • 60lpm FMT Vane Pump – 230 volt, 50Hz
  • FMT Pulse Flow Meter
  • Inline Filter
  • Automatic Shut Off Nozzle for Diesel
  • Rotating Swivel Connector
  • 6 Meters Diesel Hose
  • DMS System Computer
Technical data
connecting cable length (m): 1,8
connection suction side: G 1″ female
connection discharge side: G 1″ female
Hydraulic data
pump design: vane pump, selfpriming
delivery rate at free outflow (l/min): 56
suction height (m): 4
discharge pressure (bar): 1,8
pumping media: Fuel oil and diesel
Motor data
Voltage (V): 230
frequency (Hz): 50
Power consumption (A): 2,4
power (kW): 0,37
thermal protection: self resetting
duty cycle (min): continuous operation
torque (Nm): 1,27
speed (rpm): 2800
type of construction: IMB 3
protection class: IP 54
materials of parts in contact with liquid
seals: NBR 70
pump housing: AlSi 12 (soft water resistant)
stator: GG 25
vane: PEI
tolerance vane – pump housing (mm): ± 0,025
  • vane pump, with integral bypass
  • On/Off switch through control valve
  • Lockable housing
  • siphon protection continuously active
  • automatic control gun with rotating swivel,
  • discharge hose 6 m, DN 19, G 1″ male, G 1″ female
  • in-line meter/pulse meter, digital
  • Foot valve with filter
  • Barrel screw coupling, G 2” male, G 1″ male
  • diesel management system (DMS) in aluminium casing
  • Suction hose for mounting recommended
  • 6,0 m (23 155 956)
  • Packed in carton box
Special notes
  • Small tolerances provide a high suction- and pressure performance
  • The material composition vane-stator (runner ring) guarantee form-stability of the vanes up to 200°C
  • Materials guarantee a low weight and an exceptional lifetime with optimized efficiency
  • Can be directly wall mounted or completed with column used as filling station.
  • powder coated surfaces, 10 µm thickness
  • Shapely housing
Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 447 x 420 x 600
Weight (kg)
Packing unit: 1.0

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