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Fire Valves are designed as a fire safety shut-off valve for use on oil burning equipment. The valve is installed in the oil supply pipeline outside the building with the sensor mounted firmly inside the appliance above the burner.

The use of remote sensing fire valves is covered by BS 5410: Part 1: 1997 which is referenced as a requirement in the Building Regulations and Standards for England and Wales (Part J), Scotland (Part F) and the Republic of Ireland (Part J).

Using this type of valve, property can be safeguarded against the risk of fuel being fed into a fire originating elsewhere than in the heating appliance (most fires in the home are of this type) and also against the risk of fire due to over-temperature of the oil burning equipment.

There are several types of Fire Valve available including Capillary Fire valves, Lever Fire valves, Drop Weight fire valves (or Free Fall fire Valves) and Fusible Head Fire Valves (or Hand-wheel Fire Valves). We can supply all of these variations of valves in all the available sizes and lengths.

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