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Here in Westbury, Wiltshire, we have made the Atkinson Tankmaster in our machine shop since the late 1960s.  In fact we started off as an engineering organisation and the late Mr Atkinson developed the Tankmaster for his own oil tank that was stored in the loft so that he could keep an eye on the amount of oil that he required for the engineering business.  It was an oil delivery company owner that spotted the potential when he came in one day to top up the oil tank.  When he saw it attached to the tank he enquired as to what the device was and when told about it he responded with “If you can make those for me then I can sell them for you”.  The rest is history.  The Tankmaster became ‘THE’ appliance of choice for monitoring the contents of oil tanks around the country.

The Tankmaster is still made here to this day, even though there have been many attempts to copy these from places as far away as China.  Nothing has ever come close to meeting the effectiveness and quality of the British made Tankmaster.

Since the take up of the Tankmaster by the oil industry Atkinson have gone on to develop leading products in our engineering facilities for the heating and fuel industry.  We manufacture the Atkinson Overfill Prevent Valves to fit on the inlet of oil and fuel tanks to prevent these being overfilled and causing pollution; we manufacture the Locking Filler Cap to help prevent the theft of valuable oil and fuel; we have developed the Atkinson Tanktop, which is an integral anti-siphon device that allows heating oil to be taken out through the top of the tank, without the need to breach the bund (and saves the installer time and money because there is no assembling required and it is impossible for there to be any air leaks – the bain of the installer).  The list just goes on and on, including simple things like making hose tailstank inlet filler points, remote offset filler points, tank overfill alarms, drum gauges, gravity feed hose assemblies, etc, etc.  If there is a requirement for a product then we have the expertise to develop and make it.  We are often called upon by tank manufacturers to make bespoke equipment for them.