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Electromagnetic Quick Release Drop Weight Fire Valve

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Electromagnetic Quick Release for Drop Weight Fire Valves (E-Mag & E-Mag 2)

  • The E-Mag and E-Mag2 Electromagnetic quick release mechanisms are for use with electrically actuated fire valve systems. They provide instant release of Free Fall Fire Valves when de-energised, making them the ideal method for remote fire valve closure.
  • The E-Mag is a standard electromagnet, which will de-magnetise on loss of power, the EMag2 version has inbuilt auxilliary volt free changeover contacts, which signal valve status.
  • Both E-Mag and E-Mag2 may be installed as ‘wall mounted’ or ‘direct mounted’.
  • Wall mounted E-Mag or E-Mag2 installations can can be designed to release a stainless steel fire valve cable, which can be used in the normal way with pulley wheels and fusible link, by using an interface which will isolate a fuel supply in the event of a Fire Alarm or other means of control input by de-energising the electromagnet. Similar to the way in which an automatic fire door closes in the event of a building fire alarm. However, the system still incorporates a fusible link, providing a mechanical means of fire valve shut off as well as electrical control.
  • Direct mounting installations have the E-Mag or E-Mag2 sited directly above the fire valve and do not incorporate a fusible link in the system, but rely upon electrical control only.
  • Both E-Mag & E-Mag2 version include a ‘Push to test’ facility and have 40Kg electromagnetic holding power as standard.



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