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Atkinson AFV-1000 Inline Filter Valve

Atkinson Inline Filter Valve

AFV-1000 Fitting Instructions
Fitting Instructions


Featuring an isolation valve, 50 micron nylon filter element, 1″ BSP male tank-fitting adaptor. The outlet is 3/8″ BSP Female and this comes supplied with a 3/8″ BSP Male to 10mm compression fitting as standard. Comes supplied with a roll of PTFE tape and a 10mm plastic bottle of Heldite for the tank connection.

Tip: for filter replacement make sure you use the AFV-1000-KIT element, because this comes with ‘O’ rings having the correct profile. Using any other filter replacement kit could result in a poor seal and consequential leakage.

Additional information


Atkinson Equipment



Connection Size

3/8" BSP

Tank Adaptor

1" BSP Male to 1/2" BSP Male

Pipe Fitting

3/8" BSP Female

Isolation Valve



50 Micron filter element included

Glue + PTFE tape