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Tigerloop Fitting Kits

Tigerloop Internal and External Fitting Kits

This is a fitting kit for the Tigerloop Deaerator range.

Please check which you require.


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If your Tigerloop is being fitting inside the building and you are fitting either a Tigerloop Bio or a Tigerloop Bio Combi, then you will need the fitting kit TL6051 (internal fitting kit)

If your Tigerloop is being fitted externally on the building and you are fitting a Tigerloop Original or a Tigerloop Combi, then you will need the fitting kit TL6050 (external fitting kit)

The kits includes two steal braided flexi oil lines, isolation valve, compression fittings, nuts, olives and pipe inserts.

Everything you need to install a Tigerloop to your boiler and oil feed line.



Connection Size

1/4" BSP & 3/8" BSP

Hose Length


Isolation Valve


Pipe Inserts





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