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Adjustable/Nylon Body Pressure Relief Valve

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Pressure Relief Valve

Available with a Nylon body up to 10 bar escape pressure.

A pressure relief valve is a valve used to control or limit the pressure in a system, which can build up due to a process upset, instrument or equipment failure.  The pressure is relieved by allowing the fluid to escape through the valve and then through an auxiliary passage out of the system back into the supply tank.

The inlet is a 3/4″ NPT male thread and the outlet is a 3/4″ NPT female thread.  The maximum working temperature is 60 degrees Celsius.

The wetted parts are: Nylon body and valve; Brass valve stem; Powder Coated Steel spring.

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Inlet Thread

3/4" NPT Male

Outlet Thread

3/4" NPT Female

Max Working Temp

60° C

Max Working Pressure

17 Bar / 246 PSI

Pressure Range

0 -14 Bar / 0-203 PSI

Materials - Body & Valve


Valve Stem



Powder Coated Steel