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Fixed Hose Guide Reel

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Available in Stainless Steel and Painted Mild Steel

Suitable for use with hose lengths of 25 – 30 metres.  Select SAV version for the Stainless Steel model or PAV for the Painted Mild Steel model.  See tables below for models and maximum capacities.  Price excludes Hose (See separate category ‘Steel Reinforced Hose’).

Tip 1:  Use Stainless Steel where the Hose Reel is to be stored externally/used for Adblue, Water, etc. and use Painted Mild Steel where the Hose Reel is going to be stored internally and not for a corrosive fluid. 

Tip 2: If you are likely to leave some of the hose on the reel when using this then choose a steel reinforced hose so that it cannot collapse on the reel and restrict the flow.  Remember that the longer the length of hose the slower the flow of fluid in any case.

Choose either S/S or Painted version

 Material  Model Number  Capacity 1″ Hose  Capacity 3/4″ Hose
 Painted  PAV5000  25M  30M
 Stainless  SAV5000  25M  30M

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