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Fuelstop 3/8″ – 10mm Fire Valve

Fuelstop TFV Capillary 3/8″ – 10mm Fire Valve

  • Designed and manufactured to eliminate nuisance trips.
  • Liquid-filled to offer more reliability in all weathers than gas-filled products.
  • The widest range of pipe connections and capillary lengths on the market.


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The Fuelstop ‘TFV’ was the first capillary operated fire valve to incorporate an integral shut off facility as part of the reset mechanism and is also supplied with 10mm tube nuts and olives as standard on the 3/8″ body size, allowing time saving and economical installation.

All TFV fire valves are suitable for use with Class C and D fuels as well as LPG, and provide automatic shut off in the event of an overheat within a fuel burning appliance and fail safe shut off in the event of capillary or sensor failure.

  • TFV Connection Sizes: 3/8” BSP Female c/w 10mm tube nuts and olives.
  • TFV Capillary Lengths: 1.5m (72°C only), 2.0m (95°C only), 3.0m, 6.0m, 10.0m, 15.0m and 25.0m.
  • TFV Temperature Ranges: 66°C to 72°C and 86°C to 95°C, the upper temperature limits of 72C and 95C are used to indicate the individual ranges.
  • TFV Flow Rates: The TFV range of valves have high flow rate characteristics, making them ideal for suction lift applications, 3/8” valves are rated at 180 litres/hr measured at a 1.2m head.
  • TFV Applications: All TFV’s are suitable for use with suction or gravity head fuel systems at pressures of –0.8 bar vacuum and 3 bar positive head.
  • TFV Accessories: All TFV’s are available with an integral volt free changeover switch, rated at 5 amp 240V ac, see our TFV/E Range. Also available are TFV support brackets for wall mounting and phial clips for the correct positioning of the sensor phial within the appliance casing.
  • TFV Approvals: OFTEC Approved to OFS E101:1996, also conforms to BS 5410 Part 1, 1997 and European Pressure Equipment Directive under the Category of Sound Engineering Practice (SEP) as well as all Essential Health and Safety Requirements.
  • TFV Reliability: The TFV range has exceptional reliability, acclaimed by our distributors, a combination of design, high build quality using the latest technology and rigorous testing eliminates ‘nuisance trip’ and other common causes of failure.
  • TFV Manufacture: All TFV’s are made in the UK and carry an individual serial number which allows both manufacturing and component traceability.
  • FEL Valves Company Approvals: ISO 9001:2000 accredited and OFTEC members.

**Free 10mm compression fittings and copper pipe inserts with all 3/8″ body fire valves**

Arguably the best quality Fire Valve in existence today… and its British made!  Fluid filled capillary and bellows means that it is more responsive (than other air filled capillary and bellows on the market).  We can therefore set the trip mechanism with more tollerance (this does not have to be set on a hair trigger), which results in zero nuisance tripping and within a tighter trip range.  In fact it is the only fire valve we know of that is approved to British Standard BS 799 part 5.

Important Note about bio-fuels: The Fuelstop fire valves use viton seals and seats, which means they are compatible with bio-oils that meet the EN14214 standard (it is not possible to make a sweeping compatibility statement about bio-oils because there are many different types and people can blend their own).  Using a bio-oil that has not been made to the EN14214 standard could damage the brass and the rubber seat, leading to leaks and other damage.  In short, Fuelstop fire valves are fine for use with bio-oils that meet the EN14214 standard.

An innovative and robust design that meets the OFTEC Standard OFS E101: 1996, together with high manufacturing and quality standards, provide the TFV with accuracy in operation, durability and ease of installation.

Additional information


Fuel Stop



Connection Size

3/8" Commpression (included)

Temperature Range

65-72°c or 85-95°c trip ranges

Capillary Lengths Available

1.5 – 2 – 3 – 6 – 10 – 12 – 15 – 20 – 25 & 35

Compression Fittings

3/8" BSP Fire valves have fittings included