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Goldenrod Water-Block Fuel Tank Filter

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Goldenrod Spec Sheet
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Important note:  These are genuine Golden Rod Filters & Elements and are not ‘grey imports/forgeries’

Standard Particulate only model

For removing microscopic particles (10 microns) of rust, sand, dirt, scale and lint. 366 sq. inches of filter surface for efficient action. Unit works well by itself or in combination with the water block fuel filter for added protection from water in the fuel. 9 1⁄2″ high x 4″ diameter.

Water + Particulate Model

Removes water from gasoline and diesel fuel. 15 micron filtration. Water-absorbing polymers trap water, restricting fuel flow when it is time to replace the element. May be used by itself or in combination with a Particulate fuel filter for added protection against microscopic particle contamination. 9 1/2″ high by 4″ diameter.

This is a water-block fuel filter and a replacement element is available.  A transparent polycarbonate bowl provides a visual aid to inspection the filter and a water drain plug is provided in order to release any water that settles in the bottom of the bowl.

A replacement water & particulate filter element is available for the ‘water block’ version.

The water-block filter element is impregnated with a water-absorbing polymer that absorbs and traps any water that comes into contact with it.

There is also a version available suitable for use for filtering particulate only, where water is not a problem.

Suitable for use with most fuels, including Diesel, Bio-diesel, Petrol and Kerosene.

 Select option from list below  Description
 Goldenrod Filter W&P  This is the water block version, all inclusive
 Goldenrod Filter P only  This is the particulate only version, all inclusive
 Filter Element W&P  This is the replaceable element for the water block version


We Also Offer an Economy version Water + Particulate replacement elements.

A Filter Bowl Spanner is also available.

Additional information





Connection Size

1" BSP Threaded Ports

Suitable with Fuels

Diesel, Bio Diesel, Petrol & Kerosene

Replacement Elements Available

Particulate Only Element or Water + Particulate Element


9.5" Height – 4" Diameter