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GPI Particulate Only Fuel Tank Filter 67lpm

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Head Only, Aluminium 1″ BSPF inlet/outlet, 1″ UNF Nose
Element for the filtration of Particulate only 10 Micron, 1″UNF (CT70094)


Tip: Do ensure you select the correct head and element according to the flow type/ rate/ requirement of your particular system (i.e. Gravity/ up to 50 lpm/ up to 67 lpm/ up to 150 lpm/ paticulate filtration only/ particulate and water filtration/ etc).

Tip: It is often a good idea to purchase an additional filter to keep on the shelf ready to replace a spent element.  This is of particular importance when using an element containing Hydrosorb powder to remove water because this swells up over time and starts to significantly slow the delivery rate).

This Pumped Filter System, up to 67 lpm, comprises a ‘head’ that is permanently fitted inline with replaceable ‘elements’ that are removed and disposed of once spent (similar to a car filter).  The ‘head’ and the ‘filter elements’ are sold separately.Particulate filter only.

Versions of the element are often available contaning Hydrosorb powder that absorbs and eliminates any water contained in the diesel.

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Maximum Flow Rate


Connection (Filter)

10 Micron, 1" UNF

Connection (Head)

1" BSPF inlet/outlet, 1" UNF Nose