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Groz Particulate Fuel Tank Filter

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Spec Sheet
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This is a Groz particle fuel tank filter and a replacement element is available.  A transparent polycarbonate bowl provides a visual aid to inspection the filter and a water-drain plug is provided in order to release any water that settles in the bottom of the bowl.

This comes complete with a water-block 10 micron element and a  replacement water block & particulate filter element is available, as is a 10 micron particulate only version.

The water block filter element is impregnated with a water absorbing polymer that absorbs and traps any water that comes into contact with it.

Suitable for use with most fuels, including Diesel, Bio-diesel, Petrol and Kerosene.

 Select option from list below  Description
 Groz Filter c/w W & P filter element  All inclusive filter head and casing c/w with water block  element
 Groz Filter Element for Particulate only  Element only for particulate. 10 micron
 Groz Filter Element for Water & Particulate  Element only for both water-block & particulate. 10 Micron

Additional information





Connection Size

1" BSP Threaded ports

Suitable with

Diesel, Bio Diesel, Petrol & Kerosene

Replacement Elements Available:

Particulate Only Element or Water + Particulate Element


9.5" Height + 4" Diameter