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Piusi K24 Turbine Fuel Pulse Meter

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Piusi K24 Turbine Fuel Pulse Meter

The Piusi K24 Fuel Pulse Meter is a digital turbine pulse meter, designed for counting the quantity of diesel, oil, windscreen fluid and anti-freeze that has been dispensed. These Piusi diesel pulse meters have no display for reading the fuel delivery information, as they tend to be used to interface consumption data with external management systems, or displays meaning that the information can be retrieved elsewhere. The K24 fuel flow meter with pulse output is a flexible meter that can be used for a variety of applications including industrial and non commercial fuel delivery.

Features of the K24 Diesel Flow Meter with Pulse Output:

  • Flow rate: 5-120ltr Per Min
  • Fluid viscosity: 2-5.35 cSt
  • Pulses: 88 Per Ltr
  • 1” M BSP Inlet/Outlet c/w one socket
  • Turbine meter
  • Accuracy +/-1% after calibration

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