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Piusi K600/3 Diesel & Oil Fuel Flow Meter

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Piusi K600/3 Diesel & Oil Fuel Flow Meter

The Piusi K600/3 Digital Fuel flow meter accurately measures the quantity of diesel or oil delivered and displays it clearly to the user on its electronic face. Thanks to its quality Italian manufactured oval gear system, this fuel counter meter is not only highly accurate but also has a low pressure drop. The Piusi K600/3 diesel fuel flow meter is therefore a popular solution within private refuelling and transfer installations with a flow rate of up to 100 litres per minute.

Depending upon your particular application, there are separate oil and diesel flow meter options available. Both models are supplied with an inlet filter to prevent large debris from entering the system.

Features of the K600/3 Oil & Diesel Fuel Flow Meter:

  • Digital fuel flow meter
  • 10-100lpm (diesel) / 6-60lpm (oil)
  • Flow rate indication
  • 1” F BSP Flanged (diesel) / ¾” F BSP Flanged (oil)
  • Oval gear system
  • Electronic display
  • Accuracy +/-0.5% after calibration
  • Working temperature -10°c/+60°c
  • 5 digit partial and 6 digit totaliser
  • 400µ inlet filter
  • Separate versions for diesel and oil

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