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Remote Offset Fill Point

Key Features:

• 2″ Hose Tail or 2″ Male Thread options
• Non-Return Valve
• Ball Valve
• Mounting Bracket
• Elbow
• Plastic Cap with Chain

BVP-5100 – Threaded version

BVP-5101 – Hose Tail version


Remote or low-level offset fill points can be added to tanks to make the filling process easier.  Recommended for tall tanks where direct-filling could cause safety issues. Our remote offset fill point is available with 2″ hose tail connection or 2″ male threaded connection according to whether you are fitting this to hose or iron pipework.

The pictures shows this with a 2″ hose tail; however, it is more common to use a 2″ threaded connection and connect this to iron pipework.  Please select correct option below.

Comprises a non-return valve; ball valve; mounting bracket; elbow; polypropylene cap with chain; and appropriate 2″ connector.  All joints are made and tested for leaks here in Westbury, UK.

Please be aware as this product is a manufactured item there will be a 2 to 3 day lead time.

When fitting an offset fill point, you need to consider the fuel delivery driver may not be able to see the tank or the progress of the delivery. An offset fill point should therefore only be considered with an overfill prevention valve fitted or an overfill alarm fitted to the tank.

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Connection Size

2" BSP Threaded or 2" Hose Tail