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Tankmaster Filter Replacement Kit

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Tankmaster Replacement Filter Kit

Complete Kit containing Nylon Filter plus ‘O’ rings for top and bottom of filter bowl.

This kit is designed for the Mark II Tankmaster; however, if a filter replacement kit is required for a Tankmaster Mark I then you can use this kit by placing a small (2″) cable tie around the tube immediately below the filter so as to hold this up against the body of the Tankmaster.

Cleaning of this element to reuse it it not recommended.  The cleaning fluid can leave a film over the surfaces of the nylon element, which effectively reduces the size of the holes in the mesh.  Although the filter will look clean, the reduction in the size of the holes in the mesh will act in the same way as if the filter was still dirty/clogged.

The ‘O’ ring supplied for going around the bolt at the bottom of the filter housing is tapered on one edge and must be fitted with this tapered edge facing uppermost (i.e. facing towards the filter bowl).  This usually compresses into a flat shape so that when this is removed again for servicing the service engineer thinks that he requires a flat washer and has been supplied the wrong part (which he has not).

Note: When fitting a new filter, the flat side fits uppermost against the Tankmaster body, whilst the domed side fits downward so that this follows the contours of the filter bowl.

Please see the helpful video guide on how to replace your Tankmaster filter.

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