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Tankmaster Sight Tube

Sight Tube Lengths:

TM4480 – 4ft 6″ UPVC

TM4490 – 5ft UPVC

TM4500 – 6ft Aluminium

TM4520 – 8ft Aluminium

TM4521 – 9ft Aluminium

TM4522 – 10ft Aluminium


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Tankmaster Sight Tube

Tankmaster Sight Tubes up to 5ft are supplied with UPVC shield and Sight Tubes 6ft+ are supplied with Aluminium shield.

You can purchase the Tankmaster Body only or any height of Tankmaster Sight Tube only; however both of these must be sent out by courier and therefore incur a £10.50 carriage charge (goods can be collected to avoid the carriage charge if you are local).

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